Adi Jaffe, PhD - Jan 16 Luncheon Speaker on Shame: A True Client-Centric Approach

  • January 16, 2019
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • The University Club, 1332 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101


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Our luncheon is generously sponsored by Casa Serena Women's Treatment Programs 

Addiction is one of the most prevalent and destructive mental health issues the United States has ever faced, with overdose deaths alone overtaking all other forms of accidental deaths in the nation. Still, treatment engagement is extremely poor and outcomes are disappointingly lacking, leaving many hopeless in the face of disaster.

This workshop will reconsider our current approaches to treating addiction and offer a completely new take on the problem, rethinking our current understanding to the treatment problem. Every clinician comes across clients whose drinking, drug-use or compulsive behaviors interferes with their therapeutic process. Nevertheless, most clients report not wanting to completely quit drinking and begin to withdraw when presented with traditional treatment options.

This workshop will allow participants to overcome barriers to engagement while providing a toolkit to help clients improve even if they are resistant to traditional approaches, are not interested in complete abstinence or do not identify as “addicts." We will discuss and elucidate research regarding the role of labels in shame and stigma and treatment resistance. Additional barriers to treatment engagement will be discussed along with other factors important in developing resistance to treatment. Finally, we will discuss tools and techniques, along with a different set of language and belief-based approaches to improving engagement and retention, which have been shown to lead to improved treatment outcomes.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify 2 key barriers to treatment engagement and identify the role of shame and stigma in poor outcomes.
  • Learn 2-3 new approaches to engage clients in treatment and educate and guide clients towards improvement in a non-shaming way. 
  • Identify 2 pharmacological advances in addiction treatment.

Adi Jaffe, Ph.D. is a nationally recognized expert on mental health, addiction and stigma. He lectures in the Psychology department at UCLA and was the Executive-Director and Co-Founder of one of the most progressive mental health treatment facilities in the country. Dr. Jaffe's work and research focus on changing the way Americans think about, and deal with mental health issues. He is passionate about the role of shame in destroying lives and aims to greatly reduce the stigma of mental health in this country. In Adi’s debut book, The Abstinence Myth that launched in August 2018, he challenges the current recovery system and discusses his own non-traditional approach. His goal is to help others overcome addiction without shame, judgment or rules.

Adi is the author of The Abstinence Myth: A New Approach for Overcoming Addiction Without Shame, Jugment, or Rules, (2018). He has a podcast, IGNTD, which is an honest exploration of all things relationships where he and his wife, Sophie Jaffee, go deep and explore topics that others shy away from. From intimacy and sex to cheating and trust all the way to death, drugs, spirituality, friendships, work, health, nutrition, wellness, and success. Adi is also a nationally acclaimed speaker, he's spoken at Tedx as well as CAMFT, where he and Gabor Mate were the keynote speakers for the 2018 Fall Symposium.

Big thank you to our luncheon sponsor Casa Serena Women's Treatment Programs 

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